Why Every Runner Needs to Wear a Trucker Cap

Why Every Runner Needs to Wear a Trucker Cap

Believe it or not, runners around Australia are donning trucker caps when hitting their regular running trails. That’s right, trucker caps aren’t just for truckers or folks into retro fashion trends, athletes love them too!

Why, you ask? Well, trucker caps actually lend themselves quite well to runners, offering a host of great benefits that other hats and caps just don’t offer. Curious to learn more? In this article, we’ll share the top reasons runners love trucker caps, and why you should definitely consider wearing one if you’re a runner.

Trucker caps offer the perfect fit, every time

There’s nothing worse than trying to stay sun smart on your run, only to find yourself constantly annoyed with a hat or cap that won’t stay put while you’re jogging. Trucker caps overcome this problem with their snap closure features.

This feature allows you to loosen or tighten your trucker cap for the perfect fit, so that you can run as you please without having to worry about an ill-fitting cap. Nice one!

Plus, if halfway through your run you decide you want to take your trucker cap off, there’s no need to carry it in your hand as you run. Instead, use the snapback to attach your cap to any other strap you might have on while running. This allows you to continue running hands free, making for a more enjoyable experience.

Trucker caps are lightweight and breathable

Most trucker caps are made up of materials like cotton and mesh, which makes for a comfortable cap to wear while running. But that’s not all, the cotton fabric in trucker caps makes them much more breathable too, which is especially important when you’re working up a sweat during a run.

Regular caps are usually made from heavy fabrics, which can get pretty hot and stuffy very quickly. Most runners know that there’s nothing worse than having hot sweat rolling down your face from beneath a sweaty cap.

With a trucker cap though, you get to enjoy more breathable mesh material that stops heat from getting trapped under your cap, this keeps you cool, calm and collected as you complete a run on a hot and sunny day.

Trucker caps prevent you from getting burnt

Nobody likes coming home from a run only to find you’ve got a burnt face from the sun. Most Aussies know that protecting yourself from the elements is vital in our climate, and a trucker cap can help to do just that.

Most trucker caps feature a wider brim than other types of caps, making them ideal for wearing while outside running in the sun. They’ll protect the sensitive skin on your face while you run, ensuring that you don’t return home burnt. On the flip side of that, trucker caps also do a pretty good job of keeping your face dry should it start raining while you’re out on a run.

It’s worth noting though, that if you’re bald or rocking a closely shaved hairdo, make sure you slip slop slap before you pop that trucker cap on. The brim will protect your face, but the mesh on the back won’t! 

Trucker caps are simply better than other hats

Yep, call us biased, but we reckon trucker caps are better than your average hat. They’re practical, lightweight, and breathable plus they suit both long haired and short haired runners.

They’re not just for running either, many of our customers love wearing their trucker caps everywhere they go. And with a range of different styles, colours, logos, graphics and designs to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect trucker cap to show off your personality.

Choose GFour for your next trucker cap

Now that you know why you should wear a trucker cap if you’re a runner, why not explore our trucker cap collections at GFour and find out why our customers love our trucker caps!

Unsure which trucker cap is right for you? Here’s a quick breakdown of each fit so that you can choose the perfect trucker cap for your head.

Deep Fit Trucker Caps - TUBBY Deep Fit Full Fabric

High profile, deep crown, tall and broad front panel for maximum fit and comfort.

Best for: Larger heads and those who struggle to find a cap that fits.

Mid Rise Trucker Caps - SHORTSTACK, Mid-Rise Full Fabric

Medium profile. Front panel is slightly more rounded than our Deep Fit Trucker Caps.

Best for: Regular sized heads and those who find a deep fit to “boxy” for their liking.

Hybrid Pro Trucker Caps

The same great fit and profile as our deep fit trucker caps, but with a less sharp appearance.

Best for: Those who like the deep fit of our deep fit trucker caps but prefer a less boxy style.


Low profile crown. Small visor to suit small children.

Best for: Toddlers and small children.

Now what are you waiting for? Explore the GFour collections and find your perfect trucker cap!
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