How to keep your deep fit caps in great condition throughout the year

How to keep your deep fit caps in great condition throughout the year

It’s no secret that deep fit caps are an awesome way to protect your face from the sun and add a touch of style and personality to any outfit. And it’s understandable why so many folks end up with huge collections of deep fit caps - they really are that cool, so why not get one in every colour? 

But over time, deep fit caps can become subject to some wear and tear, especially if you’re sporting one every day. So that brings us to the question, how exactly do you keep your deep fit caps looking great and brand new all year long?

Well don’t worry, this article has got you sorted. In this article, we’ll share three simple tips to keep your deep fit caps looking as good as new no matter how long you have them! 

Give your deep fit caps a good brush 

It’s quite easy for deep fit caps to pick up dirt and debris over time, especially if you wear them a lot out in nature - who hasn’t walked into the odd spider's web on a bush hike? 

So that’s why it’s important to brush your deep fit caps regularly, if not every time you wear them. This helps to keep your caps looking as clean and fresh as possible. You can get special cap brushes, especially for this job, or use something like a dustpan brush (just make sure it’s clean of course).  

Store your deep fit caps somewhere cool and dry 

Another way to keep your deep fit caps (or any caps for that matter) looking good is to pay attention to how you store them. Proper storage is crucial for extending the life of your deep fit cap so it’s something to take seriously. You want to store your deep fit caps somewhere cool, dark and dry. 

If you store your caps out in the open they’re more likely to start fading prematurely, dramatically aging the look of your deep fit caps. Instead, store them in something like our fortress hard case when they’re not in use. The Fortress hard case can hold up to 20 deep fit caps, and not only will your caps stay looking fresh all year round, but they’ll also be safe AF too!  

It’s a good idea to add some silica gel to any hat boxes you store your deep fit caps in. This will help to prevent moisture from building up or mould growing. And nobody wants a mouldy cap! 

Clean your deep fit caps regularly 

Similar to the brushing tip, it’s also a good idea to give your deep fit caps a good wash periodically. There are a few different ways you can do this, but we recommend washing your deep fit caps in the dishwasher (sans dirty dishes of course) as an easy way to maintain the look of your caps as well as keeping them clean and hygienic. 

Another option is to hand wash your deep fit caps, this is a little more labour-intensive but an effective way to keep your caps looking fresh. Just make sure that you clean a test spot first and don’t use a laundry detergent that contains any bleach. Bleach is a surefire way to ruin the look of your deep fit caps! 

For more tips on hand washing your deep fit caps, check out this article here. 

Choose GFOUR for deep fit caps that fit like a glove

Now that you know how to keep your deep fit caps looking fresh all year long, why not explore our deep fit cap collections at GFOUR and find out why our customers love our trucker caps! 

Not sure if a deep fit cap is right for you? Here’s a quick breakdown of each fit so that you can choose the perfect trucker cap for your head. 

Deep Fit Trucker Caps - TUBBY Deep Fit Full Fabric

High profile, deep crown, tall and broad front panel for maximum fit and comfort. 

Best for: Larger heads and those who struggle to find a cap that fits. 

Mid Rise Trucker Caps - SHORTSTACK, Mid-Rise Full Fabric

Medium profile. Front panel is slightly more rounded than our Deep Fit Trucker Caps. 

Best for: Regular sized heads and those who find a deep fit too “boxy” for their liking. 

Hybrid Pro Trucker Caps 

The same great fit and profile as our deep fit trucker caps, but with a less sharp appearance. 

Best for: Those who like the deep fit of our deep fit trucker caps but prefer a less boxy style. 


Low profile crown. Small visor to suit small children. 

Best for: Toddlers and small children. 

Now what are you waiting for? Explore the GFOUR collections and find your next deep fit cap! 

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