5 Reasons To Always Wear Full Fabric Caps For Outdoor Activities

5 Reasons To Always Wear Full Fabric Caps For Outdoor Activities

There’s more than a few reasons to wear full fabric caps when you’re in the great outdoors doing activities you love. While a lot of people choose to wear full fabric caps as a fashion accessory or to express a style and elevate an outfit, full fabric caps have a practical use too. 

Namely, full fabric caps can help to protect your face from the sun. It doesn’t matter if you’re going on a camping trip somewhere new, or doing a spot of gardening in your own backyard, here are 5 reasons why you should always wear full fabric caps for outdoor activities. 

Protect your skin from the harsh Aussie climate 

Let’s start with the most obvious reason to wear a full fabric cap or ball cap when hanging out in the great outdoors - to protect your face from the sun! It’s no secret that the sun is a lot more fierce in Australia than in other parts of the world, which makes it even more important to protect the delicate skin on your face with a cap. Besides your face, full-fabric caps also help protect the crown of your head from the sun (especially for bald people!) 

So why is the Aussie sun so much more intense? It’s partly due to Australia’s location. Because we’re in the Southern Hemisphere, the elliptical orbit of the Earth places us closer to the sun in our summer months over our friends in the northern hemisphere who are further away from the sun in Summer. What this means is that our summer sun is approximately 7-10% stronger than similar latitudes in the northern hemisphere. Crazy right? 

So not only should we be slathering on sunscreen every time we leave the house, but we should double up that protection with a stylish full fabric cap too! 

Full fabric caps can help you see better

How often have you gone for a walk on a bright and sunny day only to find yourself squinting and placing your hands over your eyes to help you see better? Even when wearing sunglasses, the bright sun can still get through to your eyes and potentially cause damage. 

Both UVA and UVB rays can harm our eyes and cause a decrease in eye function over time. UVA rays can affect the macula, which is located at the back of our eyes near the retina. UVB rays can also damage your eye’s cornea. 

That’s why it makes sense to wear a full fabric cap when you’re out in the outdoors. Not only do full fabric caps shield you from the sun, but they can also help to protect your eyes and help you to see better too. No more hand fashioned caps! 

Caps can help you to regulate your body temperature 

Did you know that full fabric caps can keep your head warm or cold depending on the weather? They sure can! 

In fact, your head is actually the most important part of your body when it comes to regulating your body temperature. By wearing a full fabric cap outdoors on a hot day, the cap will act as a shield, blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays, in turn helping your body temperature to stay cooler. 

On the flip side of that, if you wear ball caps in colder temperatures, the hat will go to work and preserve your body’s heat, helping you to stay warmer. How cool is that? 

Use a full fabric cap as a makeshift fan or bug swatter

Ok, so in most cases, we recommend keeping your ball caps firmly on your heads, but there are occasions in the great outdoors that call for a multi-use cap. I’m talking about annoying flies, bugs, and other insects! 

Sometimes you just get a bug that takes a liking to you and won’t leave you alone. In this case, whipping off your full fabric cap for a minute or two and waving it in the direction of a blowfly can be more effective than shooing it with your hands or simply swearing at it. Who said full fabric caps don’t have more than one use? 

When you’re having a bad hair day, cover it up with a cap

So you thought you didn’t have to go out today, but something came up and you’ve gotta leave the house with unruly tresses. The solution? Pull your hair up and throw on a full fabric cap, it’s the perfect disguise for a bad hair day! 

Full fabric caps are also super useful on camping trips when you aren’t washing your hair, just pop on your cap and no one will know! 

Choose GFOUR for your full fabric caps and ballcaps

Now that you know why it’s so important to wear full fabric caps in the great outdoors, why not explore our cap collections at GFOUR and find out why our customers love our full fabric caps and ballcaps! 

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