Why everybody needs a trucker cap when they go traveling

Why everybody needs a trucker cap when they go traveling

With Summer well and truly on its way, you might be planning a getaway trip to enjoy the warmer weather while it’s here. And no matter whether you’re planning a camping trip, exploring a new city, or heading to a tropical island, there’s one item that should definitely be on your packing list: a trucker cap. 

A trucker cap is a must-have travel accessory no matter where you’re going. Trucker caps are versatile, stylish, and most importantly protect your face and scalp from the blistering sun. Consult any travel influencer’s blog and you’ll most certainly find a cap on the essential packing list. 

Keep reading to find out why. 

Trucker caps protect your face from the sun 

Let’s start with the obvious reason a trucker cap should be on your packing list, just like sunscreen caps protect your deviate facial skin from the sun! Nobody wants to come home from a holiday with skin cancer, trust me! So along with the SPF 30+, be sure to pack a trucker cap and some sunglasses too to give your face the best defense. 

Being out in the sun without proper protection is a recipe for skin damage and wrinkles. Harmful UVA and UVB rays are at their worst between the hours of 10am and 3pm, so you need to be extra careful if you’re out in the sun during those times. So before you love your hotel, RV or tent, be sure to slather on some sunscreen, don your best sunnies and don’t forget your trucker cap! 

Trucker caps help you keep track of the family 

Planning a summer holiday to the Gold Coast theme parks with the whole family? Then you’ll definitely want to pack your trucker caps! Why? Well they’re actually really useful in crowded places like theme parks where it’s easy to lose track of people. Make sure the whole family is wearing their trucker caps when you go out on an adventure to Movie World or DreamWorld, that way if someone goes wandering you’ll be able to spot them more easily from afar. 

Trucker caps come in handy at the hotel 

How often do you waste time at the hotel looking for the room key or your wallet or phone? We’ve all been there! When not in use, trucker caps actually make very handy ‘pouches’ for storing your valuables when you’re back in your room for the day. 

Use your trucker caps to store your valuables, that way you’ll always know exactly where they are. And when it’s time to go to the breakfast buffet, you won’t have to go rummaging through your stuff to find that pesky room key! 

How to pack your trucker caps 

Now that you know why a trucker cap is a must-have travel accessory, you might be wondering how to pack your hat so that it doesn’t get bent out of shape in your suitcase. While it would be nice if trucker caps simply rolled up like a bucket hat, the best way to pack your trucker caps is to cradle your cap inside other articles of clothing. 

For instance, you could pop underwear and socks on the inside of the cap and pack other clothes around it to help it keep its shape. If you’re travelling with a whole bunch of trucker caps, you’re probably better off travelling with our Fortress Hard Case for the ultimate trucker cap protection on the road. 

If you’re just travelling with one trucker cap though, and you’re worried about it getting crushed in your suitcase, your best bet is to keep it firmly on your head while travelling! 

Choose GFOUR trucker caps for your next getaway

Now that you know why a trucker cap is a must-have travel accessory, why not explore our trucker cap collections at GFOUR and find out why our customers love our trucker caps! 

Unsure which trucker cap is right for you? Here’s a quick breakdown of each fit so that you can choose the perfect trucker cap for your head. 

Deep Fit Trucker Caps - TUBBY Deep Fit Full Fabric

High profile, deep crown, tall and broad front panel for maximum fit and comfort. 

Best for: Larger heads and those who struggle to find a cap that fits. 

Mid Rise Trucker Caps - SHORTSTACK, Mid-Rise Full Fabric

Medium profile. Front panel is slightly more rounded than our Deep Fit Trucker Caps. 

Best for: Regular sized heads and those who find a deep fit to “boxy” for their liking. 

Hybrid Pro Trucker Caps 

The same great fit and profile as our deep fit trucker caps, but with a less sharp appearance. 

Best for: Those who like the deep fit of our deep fit trucker caps but prefer a less boxy style. 


Low profile crown. Small visor to suit small children. 

Best for: Toddlers and small children. 

Now what are you waiting for? Explore the GFOUR collections and find the perfect trucker cap for your next holiday! 

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