Trucker Caps and Baseball Caps, What’s the Difference?

Trucker Caps and Baseball Caps, What’s the Difference?

It’s no secret that there’s a huge variety of different styles of hats and caps. From trucker caps to baseball caps and everything in between. So if you’re new to buying hats and caps, you might be wondering what is the difference between trucker caps and baseball caps? 

After all, they look kind of similar at first glance. Isn’t every hat with a snapback a baseball cap? The answer is no, no it’s not. To help you discern between buying a trucker cap and a baseball cap, we’re going to highlight the differences between these two styles in this article. 

A comparison of trucker caps versus baseball caps

The easiest way to tell the difference between a standard baseball cap and a trucker cap is to look at the material used to make up the cap. Baseball caps are typically made from six panels of cotton fabric stitched together and feature a flat and short bill. 

Trucker caps, on the other hand, usually have a back panel made of mesh for breathability. Trucker caps typically have a higher set front panel giving it a raised look. This higher set front panel provides more real estate for brand logos and other slogans that add some personality to the cap. And it goes without saying that the mesh panel at the back of the cap makes it cooler and less sweatier to wear on hot summer days. 

Typical characteristics of trucker caps 

As we’ve already mentioned, trucker caps are pretty easy to distinguish from baseball caps because of their mesh back panels. However, not all trucker caps feature this design. In fact, here at GFOUR, we have a whole range of full fabric trucker caps. So the mesh isn’t always a reliable tell. Trucker caps also come with a curved bill, which you don’t normally see on a baseball cap. 

Trucker caps are an ideal choice for, you guessed it, truckers who are used to going on long hauls and want some extra protection when they’re out in the sun. But it’s not just truckers who like wearing trucker caps. These days, anyone can rock a trucker cap in style; from farmers to city kids, even your grandma would look awesome in a trucker cap! 

Brands like GFOUR love the extra real estate that comes with a trucker cap design, we can add all sorts of fun embroidery, slogans and logos to help you showcase your personality based on the style of trucker cap you choose. 

Typical characteristics of baseball caps

Baseball caps are usually always a full fabric cap, which makes them a bit heavier and sweatier to wear when compared to their trucker cap counterparts. That being said, if you like a tight fit in your cap then a baseball cap may be what you’re looking for as trucker caps are usually a bit roomier and more of a relaxed fit. 

Baseball caps are most suitable for, you guessed it, baseball players. They offer protection for your head while you’re playing the game. However, most of us aren’t baseball players, and many people like wearing baseball caps simply due to their style preference. Most baseball caps feature a flat bill, however you can find styles with a curved bill also. Baseball caps also come with a structured or unstructured crown. A structured crown means that you need to be careful when packing it as it might end up misshapen. Unstructured crowns on the other hand, can be folded and stuffed almost anywhere and it makes no difference!  

Choose GFOUR for your next trucker cap! 

We have trucker caps, high profile caps and deep fit caps to suit all kinds of heads and hairstyles! Explore our most popular collections and find your next trucker cap today! 

  • All Bull No Shit Collection 
  • OCD (Obsessive Camo) Collection
  • Leather Patch Collection
  • Classic Collection

Unsure which trucker cap is right for you? Here’s a quick breakdown of each fit so that you can choose the perfect trucker cap for your head. 

Deep Fit Trucker Caps - TUBBY Deep Fit Full Fabric

High profile, deep crown, tall and broad front panel for maximum fit and comfort. 

Best for: Larger heads and those who struggle to find a cap that fits. 

Mid Rise Trucker Caps - SHORTSTACK, Mid-Rise Full Fabric

Medium profile. Front panel is slightly more rounded than our Deep Fit Trucker Caps. 

Best for: Regular sized heads and those who find a deep fit to “boxy” for their liking. 

Hybrid Pro Trucker Caps 

The same great fit and profile as our deep fit trucker caps, but with a less sharp appearance. 

Best for: Those who like the deep fit of our deep fit trucker caps but prefer a less boxy style. 


Low profile crown. Small visor to suit small children. 

Best for: Toddlers and small children. 

DISCLAIMER: We take no responsibility for any addictive behaviour that can (and most likely will) result from the purchase of our caps.

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