How to choose the perfect country-style trucker cap

How to choose the perfect country-style trucker cap

The right country-style trucker cap makes for a fashionable summer wardrobe staple. It’s a must have accessory that you’ll wear time and time again. But how do you choose the perfect country-style trucker cap for you? 

Whether you’ve got straight hair, curly hair, thick hair or short hair, there’s a country-style trucker cap out there that will suit your style and your personality. 

That’s why in this article, we’ll give you some top tips to choose the perfect country-style trucker cap for your noggin. 

What style of trucker cap should you choose? 

Not all country-style trucker caps are made the same - so the first thing you need to do when deciding on a country-style trucker cap is to figure out what style you’d like. Do you want a classic deep fit cap with mesh at the back for extra breathability or would you prefer to rock a full fabric trucker cap? 

Do you want a country-style trucker cap that features a clever slogan like our ‘All Bull, No Shit’ or ‘Unstoppabull’ caps? Or are you after something with a more classic design like our Tablelands collection? 

Your personal tastes and preferences will lead you to the perfect country-style trucker cap for you! 

It’s all about the colour

Let’s face it, the colour of your country-style trucker cap is very important. The last thing you want is to buy a trucker cap that clashes with your everyday outfits. Neutral shades never go out of style, and pair well with almost any outfit. 

Or if you want to play it even safer, go with a classic black or white trucker cap that will work with anything. Just remember if you go with white, be sure that you know how to clean your trucker caps to keep them looking crisp. 

If you’re on the bolder side, you may want to pick a country-style trucker cap in your favourite colour such as blue, red, pink or olive green. Or if you’re into patterns, you might want a country-style trucker cap in camo or daisy!

Still can’t decide on the perfect country-style trucker cap for your wardrobe? Why not go all out and buy a GFOUR cap in every colour so that you’ll never have to decide again! 

Does size matter? 

When it comes to country-style trucker caps, it’s usually quite easy to find the right size no matter how small or large your head is. This is because most trucker caps feature a snapback closure, meaning you can adjust the cap for a perfect fit every time. 

Here at GFOUR we specialise in caps with a deeper fit, but we also offer a small range in other styles. Here’s our style guide to help you choose the right sized trucker cap for you. 

Deep Fit Trucker Caps - TUBBY Deep Fit Full Fabric

High profile, deep crown, tall and broad front panel for maximum fit and comfort. 

Best for: Larger heads and those who struggle to find a cap that fits. 

Mid Rise Trucker Caps - SHORTSTACK, Mid-Rise Full Fabric

Medium profile. Front panel is slightly more rounded than our Deep Fit Trucker Caps. 

Best for: Regular sized heads and those who find a deep fit to “boxy” for their liking. 

Hybrid Pro Trucker Caps 

The same great fit and profile as our deep fit trucker caps, but with a less sharp appearance. 

Best for: Those who like the deep fit of our deep fit trucker caps but prefer a less boxy style. 


Low profile crown. Small visor to suit small children. 

Best for: Toddlers and small children.  

What about the brim of country-style trucker caps? 

This one is easy - almost all country-style trucker caps feature a slightly curved brim that suits all kinds of heads and hairstyles. It doesn’t matter if you have long hair or short hair, curly hair or straight hair, a curved brim looks good on everybody.  

Keep it simple and choose GFOUR for your country-style trucker caps 

It can be overwhelming when you’re searching for the perfect country-style trucker cap, but here at GFOUR we like to keep it simple with one online store for all your country-style trucker cap needs. No matter what your style preferences are, we’ve got a country-style trucker cap that will suit you. 

Choose from our range of trucker caps that feature different colours, logos, slogans and more. You’re sure to find the country-style trucker cap of your dreams amongst our collections!    

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring our most popular country-style trucker cap collections today. Check out the range below:  

  • Trucker caps 
  • Full Fabric Caps
  • All Bull No Shit Collection
  • Camo logo collection
  • Classic collection
  • Dynasty collection
  • Empire collection
  • Leather patch collection
  • Obsidian collection
  • OCD collection

DISCLAIMER: We take no responsibility for any addictive behaviour that can (and most likely will) result from the purchase of our caps.

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