Got long hair? Here’s how to rock a trucker cap whether you’re a guy or a gal!

Got long hair? Here’s how to rock a trucker cap whether you’re a guy or a gal!

Are you worried your long hair is preventing you from rocking a trucker cap with confidence? Well fear not my friend, trucker caps look great on all kinds of heads and hairstyles! 

Wearing a trucker cap is a great way to show some personality in your style…plus it’s also great for concealing a bad hair day! So if you’re looking for some tried and tested tips for wearing your trucker cap with long hair, this article has got you covered. 

So without further a’do (pardon the pun), here are the best ways to wear a trucker cap with a long hair do. 

For the ladies: The updo or ponytail 

One of the easiest ways for women to wear a trucker cap with long hair is with a simple updo or ponytail. Simply pull up your hair into a high ponytail (or even a messy bun), then pop your trucker cap on, pulling the ponytail or bun through the snapback area at the back of the trucker cap. You can adjust the snapback so that your trucker cap feels comfortable and secure. Think of your deep fit cap as an anchor for your hairstyle. If you’re feeling extra glam, you might even like to plait your ponytail too! 

For the ladies: Wear your hair down

There’s nothing wrong with simply wearing your hair down while you wear a trucker cap either! If you have long and luscious locks, why hide them away? A trucker cap can add a cool and casual feel to perfectly brushed tresses. You might want to use a little hair product to tame any pesky flyaways and to keep your hair looking its tip top best while you rock your stylish trucker cap.  

For the ladies: Style it up with braids

Braids, fishtails, french braids, these hairstyles all look great with long hair and pair well with a trucker cap too! Braids and plaits are a fantastic way to add some texture and visual interest to your hair. You can go for one, or channel your inner school girl and have a braid on either side of your head. Either way, your trucker caps should fit nicely over your ‘do offering you an interesting way to wear trucker caps with style.  

For the guys: Rock the top knot 

Male top knots have been all the rage over the past few years, and if you’re still rocking this hairdo there’s no need to skip wearing trucker caps! In fact, trucker caps are a great way to keep the hair off your face while you’re going about your business. Style your hair in your top knot as normal, pop on your trucker cap or deep fit cap and pop your knot through the snapback at the back, it’s as easy as that! 

For the guys: The man ponytail 

Who says guys can’t rock a ponytail either? Why not! Ponytails are an easy way to keep your head cool on hot summer days and they’re super easy to style with a trucker cap or deep fit cap. Simply brush your hair back into a high ponytail and flick your locks through that trucker cap snapback and you’re in business! 

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